We dream of Art 

It isn't really about art...

It's about education and opportunity and how they are the great equalizers

Never in human history have we had access to so much information for free

Education builds the human soul

Opportunity fuels the fire of Dreams

This is why we do "Between Dream and Reality" 

It provides art education to those who need it

Not just those that can afford it

Nothing but love


Krs x El Salvador

The country of El Salvador is a beautiful Central American Nation that I have the pleasure of working together with. A young country with interesting ideas, talented artists and a fantastic culture has started turning into a second home for me as I work with them on using art and technology to spread their message throughout the world.

I  came back from a 3 week stay at the art residence La Resi, in the middle of San Salvador and am now working to finish the collection and the NFT journey, both which were be launched at the embassy on December 8th. 

Please check out the related page for more information or wait to see it on your favorite social media.

Kristoffer "Krs" Kullengren

Instagram: @krspaints


LinkedIn: Click

Kristoffer ”Krs”Kullengren

 〇 Swedish artist born in 1979

〇 Lives in Tokyo since 2004

〇 More than 20 solo exhibitions in the last 5 years   (Tokyo/Shanghai/Beijing/Chengdu/London/Manchester/Sweden)

〇 Known for masterful use of colors and a childish playful style that lives between dream and reality

〇 Sold more than 5000 digital artworks through NFT technology